Poor Bastard

Last Updated on: 8th February 2019, 01:59 pm

Man, would this ever suck. To make a slightly longer story just a bit shorter, I’ll explain what happened for those of you who may not want to click the link.

Some poor guy in Greece was just minding his own business looking at some nice internet porn when what should he come across among the videos of couples getting it on but a film of his wife going at it with somebody else. Now being the good husband that he is, he informed the police in an effort to have the clip taken down in an attempt to protect his wife’s privacy. One small problem, registration for the site required members to send in pornographic videos or pictures of themselves in exchange for free access so she was more than likely well aware of what was going on here. The reason I say that is because according to the story, the only reason buddy found this video in the first place was because he was trying to figure out why his wife was spending so much time on the net.

So if you think that you’re day isn’t going so well just stop and think about this story again and I’m sure you’ll start feeling much better.

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