Vote Or Shut Up???

Last Updated on: 24th November 2013, 04:06 pm

So today is Election Day in Canada. As with any election in any area we’ve been slammed with ads and all kinds of rhetoric for the last while all telling us why we should vote for the different candidates. That alone is annoying enough for me to have considered posting on, but I refrained since I’m sure most people felt the same way and so, there was no reason to voice an opinion on it. But I’ll certainloy voice my opinion on this related topic.

There seems to be a VERY common thought process out there of “Vote Or Shut Up.” I’m sure most of you have heard it. All it means is that, basically, if you don’t go out and vote today, you have no right to complain about anything that happens between now and the next election in 4 years because you didn’t try to change it.

What the Fuck???

I have a very contrasting view point. It’s actually the complete opposite. My opinion is one shared by not a lot of people, but that I’ve heard from some experts and even one great comedian. (everyone loves George Carlin)

Before I start, I don’t want anyone to think that I’m biased on this because I WILL be voting today, and voting Liberal if anyone cares. (I don’t know why everyone gets so defensive about who they’re votiing for. Like it’s a personal failure or something if the party you voted for doesn’t get in.) However, in our recent Provincial Election I did not vote because I refused to support any of the retards that were running at the time. So I’ve been on both sides.

Now, for arguemens sake. Let’s say that I stay home today and deicde not to vote. YOU, the voters, have no right to complain after what happens today. If you vote some asshole in to the office that runs this country in to the ground, you have no one to blame but yourself. You chose for this to happen. Don’t look for a scapegoat in me by saying I should have gone out and voted for the other guy… why didn’t youv ote for the other guy? I didn’t cause this… I didn’t even leave the house today. “Vote Or Shut Up”?. Idiots. Let’s try “Vote. Then Shut Up” because everyone’s gonna have a hand in what happens. You voted for the modern day, HItler and I didn’t go out and vote for the modern day Ghandi. Don’t go looking for a scape goat in those who didn’t vote after you realize that you’ve made a bad choice. If I decide that I don’t agree with the ideals of any of the parties, why should I support them? I won’t vote and that’s none of your business. That’s the great thing about Democracy, remember? Yes. I can choose who will run my country, but if I cna’t support any of them… I can also CHOOSE not to vote.

All that said, I mentioned before I will be going out and voting today for the Liberal Party. If in 2 years he has half of us in Iran fighting another war right along side Bush (which he said he won’t) and the other half of us are living in starvation on the streets then I’ll realize that I made a very bad choice. But I certainly won’t look to the starving guy beside me and blame him because he didn’t go out and vote for the other guy. Maybe I should look to him and apologize to him for helping to put him in that position.

Democracy is a wonderful, wonderful thing and we should all be thrilled to have it. But people seem to want to use it as some way to blame other people despite the fact that they may have been one of the ones to make a mistakes. We’re all gonna be wrong once in a while… we just gotta hope that not more than 50 per cent of us are never wrong at the same time.

Happy Election Day, everyone. Let’s just get along and blame who should be blamed. Anyone who gets in to office and breaks campaign promises. Oh, I know it will happen. But those are the people you should be aiming your anger at, not those that didn’t vote when you did, or those who did vote when you didn’t.

Sometimes we just have to be able to admit ehwn we’re wrong.

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