Fake Meat?

Last Updated on: 1st October 2013, 05:19 pm

This was emailed to me and I decided to post it. I didn’t write it, it was sent in by a reader. If anybody else feels like sending me stuff, my email address is all over this site, you’re smart, go find it.

I heard today that some idiot is making fake meat out of that tofu junk. But wait, this isn’t just your ordinary fake meat, it is supposed to taste like
First things first, how are they going to make soy beans taste like meat? Think of all the crap that will have to be mixed in to that already sickening
concoction, then, and second, who in their right mind will buy it?
Imagine coming home from work to something like this.
“What’s for supper tonight?”
“Oh, we’re having something I picked up at Tofu’s Are Us, it’s supposed to taste like pork.”
Glad I never have to try that stuff, that is until it is illegal to kill animals because it violates their rights somehow.

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