This Country Makes Me Sick

Last Updated on: 29th September 2013, 02:22 pm

That title may seem a bit harsh and I’m not sure I actually believe it but you’re reading this so it got your attention. In all honesty, I don’t think this country makes me sick. The people are great, we’re free-er than most countries…. but our judiciary system JUST BLOWS!!!

In Ottawa this week a woman was arrested under charges of child abuse. She was a foster parent and had a few children put under her care. Apparently our adoption agencies also need some work. Check this out.

The woman used to place one young girl in the DRYER for WEEKS at a time. The young girl would have to eat, sleep, urinate and defocate in the dryer. There were times where she was left in there for so long that she would have problems walking when she was finally let out.

The woman was also responsible for bashing a young boys head against the wall on more than one occasion along with abusing him in other ways. Clearly this bitch is one sick human being.

Let me tell you what our wonderful legal system saw fit to give the woman in terms of jail time. FOUR MONTHS!!! We’re all told to have faith in a legal system that determines storing your children in household appliances and beating up others is only worth four months of jail time?!?! Fuck that! She deserves to be in there for the rest of her life.

And if you didn’t believe that it could get worse than that… just hold on. The woman was RELEASED from custody only HOURS after being put away. HOURS!?!? What the hell is that?!? The purpose of our legal system is to ensure that everyone’s rites and freedoms are upheld and those who don’t respect those rites are taken out of society. Are you gonna try and tell me that these poor children’s rites were not violated?

These kids had already been taken away from their biological parents for one reason or another. We can only assume that it was not a proper environment for children but they are promised that they are going to be “taken care of” and be put in a “safer” situation and this is what those poor kids had to go through.

It infuriates me to think that this scum bag was only given four months but our system can’t even keep her in there for the entire sentence? This isn’t supposed to be one of those “down with the system” or “anarchy rules” things that you see because there would be chaos without it. But how can you throw a guy in jail for years for drug use and let some bitch out after a few hours after she beat the shit out of her kids? It makes me so mad I can’t even think strait enough to figure out how I want to end this. That’s not supposed to be a joke. This pisses me off more than anything I’ve heard in a long time. The judge overseeing this case needs to be punched in the head and thrown out of his position and our legal system needs to have a serious overhaul and review of what’s worse in the eyes of the public. Maybe it’s good that she got let out. If the public gets wind of who this psycho is they’ll make sure she gets what she deserves one way or another.

Although the person that does that will get locked up for 10 years. That’s Justice isn’t it?

Anyway. I’m out for the long weekend. Hope y’all have a pleasant Easter.

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