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Last Updated on: 19th March 2014, 08:08 am

Hello, All.
I haven’t posted here in a while and I”ll be truthful with you. I’ve just had nothing of any relevence to say about anything. I still don’t but I have nothing better to do so I figured I’d hop on and just write whatever comes to mind. Sometimes this random crap is what sparks the most interest on the comment boards. So we’ll see what comes up.

I sat down to watch the Colorado/San Jose hockey game last night and I couldn’t help but think “man I’m glad I didn’t write a predictions column for this round.” That was intentional. When I looked at the matchups for this round it would have all been guessing. The only one I could pick was Detroit to beat Calgary and so far Calgary is hanging tough. (though with the injuries to their blue-line they may not for much longer) There was no satisfaction in picking winners for me as it would have been strait guessing. So if I’d been wrong I would have just got the “wow you don’t know anything.” and if I had been right I would have just felt like I made a lucky guess. So I didn’t do it. But wow have these games been good. Montreal has been beaten badly in their first two games but I don’t count them out yet. I do count out Colorado.

That’s tough for me. Colorado and Toronto are my teams. I’m torn on how to feel. I love the Avs’ but they’ve got a high-priced line-up that is not getting the job done. I usually like to cheer for the low-budget, no superstar teams which is certainly San Jose. They’re all young guys, or character guys that are outworking Colorado at every turn. They’re up 3-0 now (which I did not see coming) and Colorado will NOT beat this team 4 strait times. All that’s left is to see if Colorado can make it interesting.

I’m not gonna touch on Toronto much. They’re down 2-0 but have been in both games. We’ll see what happens but they’re in pretty tough now.

On to something else. I discovered a new guilty little pleasure for myself this weekend. Much Music ran on the weekend (and may have before, I’m not sure.) a show called Battle of the Ex’s. Now usually I think these shows are stupid and try to stay away from them but for some reason I found myself watching it. They would pick a couple and then run down all the things that each person had done since the break up, good and bad, and award points for it. It’s such a shallow thing to do and was really kind of lame but I found it fun. Some of them were very lopsided and it was neat to watch Britney look like a fool. Sure I hate Justin Timberlake but as his career continues to sky-rocket after they break up, hers goes in the shitter for a while. She’s started to pull herself out lately but the show didn’t acknowledge that which was fine with me. I believe Britney lost that battle 45 to -15. It was kind of a lame idea probably targeted to get the pop-loving teen girls to watch but like I said. It was a guilty little pleasure for me. I know everyone’s got them. Any show where I get a chance to see someone I don’t like get humiliated is probably gonna be alright with me.

I didn’t get to see RAW last night. In Canada RAW is carried on TSN and it was bumped while TSN carried the hockey game. It did come on at midnight but I was far too tired to stay up ’till 2am for it. They’re replaying it at 8pm tonight but I’m sure by then I will have heard what happened and not end up watching as there are 2 very good hockey games on CBC tonight. It makes me wonder. We do get Spike TV up here and I can understand why in Canada RAW doesn’t show up on Spike and we have to watch it on TSN while Spike runs StarTrek re-runs or something. But on a night like this where TSN won’t show RAW live, why not permit Spike to do so? I know TSN would argue it would hurt their ratings later but still. I mean I still would have watched the hockey game as it was a big one but I could have started flipping around on commercials to see what was going on. And I’ve already talked to 3 people today who were fit to be tied since they hate hockey and had to miss one of their favourite shows became 2 teams in a different country in a different time zone were playing. It’s a sore spot around here for non-hockey fans when the Leaf games during the regular season pre-empt RAW but they don’t even bother trying to fight it since the Leafs are everything around here. But these guys were quite pissed that a game on the other side of the country was effecting what they watched. Especially on our satellite dish where there are 2 TSN stations so that there can be one for alternate programming. Oh well.

I’m gonna say that’s enough for right now since my mind’s a blank but I’ll probably be back later as it just seems to be one of those days

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