The Penis Game

Last Updated on: 1st October 2013, 11:02 am

So I’m back with something that I saw a while back on Karine’s blog and thought that I would steel from her. I meant to do it a while back but it’s better now since it gives me something to post on a day like today. So let’s all thank Karine by going and visiting her blog. She talks about her dreams…. very… interesting)

Now this is very immature and juvenile but… well look around. You shouldn’t expect anything different from us. All you do is grab a CD from around you. Any album, it doesn’t matter. Change the last word in every song title to “Penis.” If the title is only one word long than keep that word and add Penis to the end. I’ll post 2 albums here for you in case you suffer from whatever it is that Nick has and don’t understand yet. Plus, I just find it fun.

Anti-Flag: Their System Doesn’t Work For You

1. I Can’t Stand Being With Penis
2. Their System Doesn’t Work For Penis
3. We’ve Got His Penis
4. Born To Penis
5. The Penis
6. You’ll Scream Penis
7. Indie Sux, Hardline Sux, Emo Sux, YOU PENIS!
8. Anti-Penis
9. 20 Years Of Penis
10. I’m Having A Good Penis
11. I Don’t Want To Be Like Penis
12. Too Penis
13. I Don’t Need Penis
14. Betty Sue Is Penis
15. If Not For Penis
16. Meet Your Penis
17. We Won’t Take Penis
18. Save Penis
19. I’m Feeling Slightly Penis

The Distillers: Coral Fang
1. Drain The Penis
2. Dismantle Penis
3. Die On A Penis
4. The Gallow Is Penis
5. Coral Penis
6. The Penis
7. Hall of Penis’
8. Beat Your Heart Penis
9. Love Is Penis
10. For Tonight You’re Only Here To Penis
11. Death Penis

There you have it. Immaturity at it’s greatest. It’s not quite as great as the penis game you play in college classes but it’s not bad. So comment away with your own Penis albums

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