Now It’s My Turn: The Penis Game Continues

Last Updated on: 1st October 2013, 11:01 am

Ok, Matt’s had his fun with this, so now it’s my turn to take an, um, shot at it so to speak. Let’s go with the 2 most recent CD’s I picked up.

First we have “Cool To Be You” by the Descendents. Really good album soon to be reviewed for Salty Ham, and it works out to be pretty good for our purposes here too.

1. Talking Penis

2. Nothing With Penis

3. She Don’t Penis

4. ‘Merican Penis

5. Dog And Pony Penis

6. Blast Penis

7. Dreams Penis

8. Cool To Be Penis

9. Maddie Penis

10. Mass Penis

11. One More Penis

12. Tack Penis

13. Anchor Penis

14. Dry Penis

Ok, let’s move on to Hot Hot Heat’s Make Up The Breakdown. Some good ones here too.

1. Naked In The City Penis

2. No, Not Penis

3. Get In Or Get Penis

4. Bandages Penis

5. Oh, Penis

6. Aveda Penis

7. This Penis

8. Talk To Me, Dance With Penis

9. Save Us Penis

10. In Penis

Ok kids, now it’s officially your turn.

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