Fuck Sympatico

Last Updated on: 10th May 2013, 07:47 pm

I meant to post this earlier but I never got around to it and it’s still something that pisses me off every time that I think about it.

Last week I received a bill from Bell Sympatico (a Canadian Internet Provider for you outta towners) for $380.39. WTF??? Here’s why this pisses me off so badly. (ignoring the obvious fact that I’m cheap)

I don’t use Sympatico at home. I’m on a different provider. My Bell Sympatioc account was in a different city from when I was living away from home for college last year. It was 26 bucks a month or something like that. It wasn’t the greatest connection in the world but it was cheap and it was college so whatever.


On my last day at the college, I phoned Bell Canada to disconnect my phone line. Bell also runs the Sympatico internet provider so when they went to disconnect it, they mentioned that there was an internet account set up at this number as well and asked if I’d like to cancel it. I expected I’d have to call Sympatico seperately to do so but when they offered to do it there, I said “sure.” and everything was fine. They would send my final phone bill to my home that I was returning to.

Something didn’t sit right after that mainly because I’m cheap and I like to make sure things are done correctly when it comes to my money. So I figured there was no harm in phoning Sympatico directly to make sure that the account had been cancelled. I phoned the right extension and told the service dude that I wanted to cancel my account and gave him all my information. He then informed that it appeared someone had already disconnected that accout earlier that day. That was all I needed to hear. it had been done correctly with the other operator. I thanked him and thought nothing more of it FOR A YEAR!!!

Then last week I get a bill from Sympatico for almost $400 claiming that I havne’t paid my bill in a year and if it is not paid off in 2 weeks it will be placed on the credit card that you have to give them for confirmation of who you are (and obviously for reasons like this.)

So what originally was “Fuck that, I ain’t paying them for shit I ain’t used in a year” turned to “I got no choice cuz it will be on my credit card.” Then you have to pay that off or it fucks with my credit rating and all that.

The thing that pisses me off more than anything else is that they waited a full YEAR to send me a bill when before I was getting them every month and could object to shit I didn’t like or cancel it. So if in May or June of last year if I had gotten a bill for that month or two that I didn’t use it I could have phoned and cleared it all up and paid off that month if I needed to and ben done with it but they wait a year to send me a bill with a years worth of back-payment to be delt with. That’s horse shit!! I would have cancelled it long before now if I would have known I was still getting billed. Man this hole thing pisses me off.

Fuck Sympatico

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