So…. Pop-Ups Bother Me

Last Updated on: 23rd April 2014, 09:35 am

Today I had to use a computer for a while that is not my usual one. So I was working without a Pop-Up blocker and I had gotten so used to not having to deal with them that it has sent me in to a rage today.

All I want to do is read something online and I get 14 different windows opening with people wanting to help me win a car, pay off my mortgage or grow a bigger penis. Now, while at some point in my life I may appreciate all of those things… it sure as hell isn’t while I’m trying to check the weater for this coming weekend! PISS OFF!!

The VERY LAST THING that I want to do after getting one of these irritating things on my screen is see what they’re offering and support them with my money and time. I get frustrated and close them as quickly as possible. I don’t understand how these people think it’s good advertising when all you’re doing is pissing me off. I don’t know. Are their people out there innocently playing a game on Yahoo and getting a pop-up and dropping everything to see what this ad is all about and signing up? Maybe there is. I don’t know. Please tell me. But if I know people as well as I’d like to think that I do, I know that the majority of them are sharing my thoughts on at least this topic. it’s irritating and the last thing that I would do after you interrupt me is buy your product.

I’m sure everyone who’s ever written anything on the net has written about this but it just pisses me off so much. All I want to do is see what my favourite band is saying in their new song and I get 14 offers for crap I couldn’t possibly want. All that you’ve advertised to me is that you’re too ignorant and cheap to take up a more conventional way to screw people so you just choose to bother me. That’s not good advertising. Even if I needed your product down the road sometime, I would not get it from you.

Stay the hell off my screen!

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