Some VomitComet Landmarks

Last Updated on: 25th November 2013, 10:28 am

So last night I was excpetionally bored and, well, had a calculator near by so I did some random math to predict some facts about everyone’s favourite blog. Karine’s!!! Then I did some about ours.

At the rate that we are going right now, the VomitComet will reach it’s 1 millionth hit in 20 thousand days. Can you believe it, I’m excited already.

So I hope to see you all hear on October 19, 2058 for the biggest damn blog-blowout of all time!!!

In other math news, at Steve’s current chalory intake rate, combined with his rate of body mass expansion, he’ll be dead long before our party ever happens. Hell, I’ll be surprised if he’s around to host another New Years Party to welcome 2007.

But we’ll think of him in 54 years when I can simply blog by thinking what I want posted.

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