Discomforting Words

It appears that Gill enjoyed guest posting so much last week that she’s decided to do it again. You can all feel free to do the same if you’ve got something you feel needs saying. Just remember, we post these as is.

What do curdle, moist, and poke have in common? Not much if you do not look closely enough, but if you do think of this, these are just some words that make people cringe at best, and get a look of severe discomfort.

What’s my point? Words like this can cause discomfort. What word or words make you uncomfortable?

The word that makes me feel like dirt on a shoe is special. When I was a little kid watching situation comedies in the middle 1980’s they would often use the word special to describe someone with some sort of disability. Then Dana Carvy made us all laugh as Church Lady on Saturday Night Live by proclaiming “well isn’t that Special?`

I eventually grew up, moved out of my parents house, and started to think stuff through a little more. Soon special took on a far more degrading meaning to me.

No more so than on a May day this year as I waited for my ride. I saw this lady with her three-year-old grand daughter, and made my approach. I gave the little one my customary high five that I do with all little ones who do not play shy.

Unfortunately I overheard what the lady said as they made their retreat, “that lady is very special.` I honestly felt like I was anything but just an average kind of person.

So friends out there in Reader-land, what are discomforting words to you?

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