I Hate Computers

Last Updated on: 25th September 2013, 04:39 pm

I’m not sure when all of you will be hearing from me next for a couple of reasons. First of all, I’ve got a busy few days coming up so there probably won’t be much time for posting. But more than that, tonight my computer decided to take the biggest dump on the earth and now it won’t boot up properly so until I can get somebody in here to fix it, I’m pretty much fucked. You can probably imagine how thrilled I am about this situation. I’ll say this, imagine how pissed off you think I am and then multiply that by about 27 and you might get close. So I’ll talk to you all sometime, either when I can snag time on the other computer in the house or when I get my own machine working again and get some time to post.

In the meantime you can feel free to post comments and email me things if you so desire, I can still check mail from time to time.

So I’ll talk to you all hopefully very soon, the sooner the better in fact.

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