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Last Updated on: 31st October 2013, 04:03 pm

I heard on the news this morning about perhaps the most brilliant man on the face of the planet. He was in the middle of divorce settlement proceedings with his ex-wife and the courts as she tried to rape him for half of the marrital assets (you know, those things that he paid for and are his but she wants cuz she married him) when he decided that he wanted to play the lottery.

He’d never really done it before but was feeling kinda down and thought if absolutely nothing else, it would take his mind off of what he was going through for a few minutes. He never had any idea what would happen.

So the man bought his lottery card and went home to play it. Upon getting home, he through it on his dresser and forgot about the card for a while. A few days later, he was in his room preparing for the final court session to determine what his ex-wife was entitled too.As he got dressed he saw the lottery ticket and decided he should check his numbers. He did so and realized he had won… and won big. Upon checking his numbers online he found out that he had won 5.4 million dollars.

Obviously he was extatic and excited and couldn’t wait to get down to the lottery distributer to claim his prize. He was running out the door with the winning ticket when something crossed his mind. He was on his way to a proceeding that would in all likelyhood grant his ex-wife half of his current posessions. He decided that since he had a year to claim his prize that he’d wait until the final ruling was made on his divorce proceedings before claiming his prize to see whether or not it would effect his winnings.

He went to his court hearing and I’m not sure exactly how the law works, but she was granted half of the marrital assets but since there were no children she was given none of his future earnings. The ruling was made final and on his way home from the court house, he stopped and made himself 5.4 million dollars richer and did not give one penny of it to his ex-wfie… something that may have gone differently had he claimed his prize before the decision was made.

I have nothing to say other than that this man is my new hero. (despite the fact that I don’t know his name.) The fact that he was smart enough to wait and thus save himself (potentially) 2 million dollars is something that amazes me. I’d love to shake his hand.

On one other short not I’d just like to say that I HATE Velvet Revolver and I could not be any more sick of a song than I am with their current single. And people LOVE it!! I’ve been up since 5:45 this morning and I’ve already heard it 3 times today. And it’s NOT a good song. It’s garbage! What the hell is wrong with music when a piece of trash like that is being played over and over and people are just eating it up.

Jeez. It makes me want to put a Velvet Revolver to my head and….. well nevermind. (I really hope someone gets that.)

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