Something A Bit More Serious Than Usual

Last Updated on: 3rd November 2013, 05:25 pm

I guess this is more an issue for our American readers but it is really something that everyone should go and take a look at. It never hurts to be a little bit more educated and a little bit more open-minded. is a site that has been set up for Punk Rock fans (or anyone really willing to acknowledge that a change is necessary) to have a voice throughout the process of the American election. It raises a lot of interesting points on the fact that the youth of the world has, in large part, lost interest in politics and how devastating that has been.

If you are going to go and check it out, I would strongly suggest that you start at The About Section which outlines the idea of the site and you can decide for yourself from there pretty much whether or not you’re going to agree or disagree and whether you want to ocntinue exploring the site. There are some touchy things said there and if you are a large Bush supporter, you may not be impressed but even if you are, you can’t argue some of the points made.

Across the punk rock world (and youth in general) there are political views spanning rom the farrest right wing to the farrest left wing and even some who believe that governemtn itself needs to be abolished. All those opinions are welcome as the site focuses simply on the need for change from what we have right now.

Here’s a few lines directly from the site.

” These are drastic times and today’s youth are not voting.

The US is waging wars on false pretenses.

Kids under our country’s legal drinking age are fighting overseas and dying.

Unemployment has reached nine-year highs.

Every state has budget deficits and is actively passing these burdens
on to future generations – that means you.

An estimated 60% of the 2003 graduates will have to move back in
with their parents because of the lack of jobs.

The 18 to 24-year-old voter demographic dropped
to an all time low of only 38% in 2000.”

If those points/stats don’t tell you that something is wrong than I’m not really sure what to say. Maybe umm, read it again or something.

Again, this is largely for Americans I suppose but it will never hurt you to be more educated and more informed. Don’t watch CNN and assume you’re getting the complete truth. Be informed. Be smart. If after that you still believe that good ol’ G. W. is the right answer, than good for you. But don’t do it because he told you what a great job he was doing in his press conference. Do it because you took some time and got real facts.

Some of you may comment about sharing my political views on a site like this… but I don’t think I really have. All I’ve done is given you just one more way to be informed. Besides, if I wanted to tell you my views I could. This is my page after all.

With that, I’m gone. Have a lovely “COUGHCOUGHDON’TVOTEFORBUSHCOUGHCOUGH” day.

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