We’ve Had A Lot Of These Lately

Last Updated on: 1st December 2013, 03:56 pm

For some reason the number of search engine hits on our site has gone way up even though our over all hit counts have gone down since Matt and I decided to get lives and not post here so much. In fact, we’ve had so many search requests that I’m sure I’m missing a few. But before I miss anymore of them, let’s take a look at how people are finding us, not to mention take a rather creepy look into the human mind.

23 Jun, Wed, 05:05:03
hyenna penis and vagina

I’m pretty sure this guy was trying to spell hyena, but stil…

23 Jun, Wed, 16:55:34

“Hey man, I know what we can do today, let’s look up random words that could show up anywhere and see who can get the most results!”

“Hey, good idea, the chicks will really start digging us once they find out that we’re doing that, we’ll be the kings of cool.”

24 Jun, Thu, 04:08:27
MSN Search:
free tits and ass of major female celebs

I’m actually sort of happy to see this one because it means that they’re finally giving up on the child porn. It also helps to explain why we’ve been getting so many searches lately looking for the Pam Anderson sex video. By the way, when did we talk about that here, I don’t remember.

I think this next guy might have killed somebody, or he’s about to.

26 Jun, Sat, 17:40:56
MSN Search:
Laws about vigilanty justice

26 Jun, Sat, 23:56:46
Google: “
his anal rampage is totally weak”

Nope, I got nothin’.

27 Jun, Sun, 04:10:15
brett favre’s anus

It’s nice to see that the Randy Orton’s penis crowd has matured and moved on. But I’d be willing to bet that those last 2 searches were the same person making a futile attempt to quench a thirst for gay porn that I’m not even gonna try to understand.

Ok, those are the best of the recent best but at the rate they’re coming in, we’ll be doing this again real soon.

I’ll be back later to promote things.

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