For Those of Y’all on Blindtech, Come On!

Last Updated on: 21st February 2014, 03:55 pm

As a public service from Steve and I to anyone who is blind and can’t spell, or maybe just can’t spell period, here’s a helpful list of words that seem to be hard to spell for a lot of blinks. Let’s call this the blinklish to English dictionary. Feel free to give us suggestions of new words.

  • win amp = Winamp.
  • spybit or spy bot or spy bit or spy bots or spybotsd = Spybot! Can we get any more creative?
  • Down load = download! There is a difference in emphasis when the screen-reader says it for crying out loud!
  • gate way = Gateway! Again, emphasis, children!
  • sacure = secure! Tip off no. 1. the screen reader mangles it. Tip-off no. 2. A helpful list member renames your thread.

***We interrupt this spelling lesson for a short grammar tip. *** Folks, when you have a question, it is not necessary to end your subject line with a question mark unless your subject line is in fact a question. For example, “firewall question” does not need to be, “firewall question?” Are you not sure that you have a question? Are you asking permission? Are you going to heighten our interest with that subject line and then proceed to talk about dogs? Come on, punctuation is important!
*** now back to your regularly scheduled Blinklish to English glossary.***

  • nexessary = necessary.
  • bittorrent or bitorrent = bit torrent. Two words this time. I know I know, it’s complicated.
  • AVV = AVG. It’s a piece of shit, but at least spell the piece of shit’s name right.
  • spy ware = spyware.
  • Notice how I spelled firewall before? It’s not fire wall!
  • And now for the grand finale and our personal favourite…

  • Micro medium player = macromedia flash player. Come on! That’s not even close! I thought he was trying to play mini cassettes!

If this helps someone, just one person, even if it helps them by making them laugh, that would make us happy. Feel free to suggest additions. And, if you just haven’t had enough of me being grammar bitch, read this or this and if you make these mistakes, learn!

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