Go Read This And Quit Your Bitching

Last Updated on: 20th October 2013, 05:36 pm

I know I know, there haven’t been many updates here lately but when Matt isn’t saying anything and I successfully manage to kill my second computer in a little more than a month, these things tend to happen. But fear not, my computer is back and pretty well up and running again, good times. But since I’m busy right now and don’t really have much to say to you all you should go and read
Salty Ham’s latest PPV roundtable.
I’m in it just like always and so are some other good fun people. So go and take a look at our predictions for tomorrow and feel free to make fun of us or agree with us and let us know just how smart we are. Whatever you want to do, you go right ahead. I’m off to either wash dishes or keep updating the Salty Ham Music news section now. See ya later.

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