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Last Updated on: 25th March 2014, 02:11 pm

So I’ve finally got a few free minutes at work to look at some of the new stuff that BlogSpot’s got set up in the formatting of the posts. I dunno. I guess I’m impressed but they’re really made some stuff more complicated than it needed to be. Kudos for trying though.

So Steve asked me to change something in the settings for him last night and I told him I’d get to it today. Here I am, logged in and able to do it but I’ve forgotten just what the hell the whiney bitch wanted. (please don’t consider that to be “in fighting” because Steve really is a whiney bitch in all honesty.) So eventually I’ll get talking to him again and he’ll tell me what he wanted and then I won’t sign in for another 4 months and it will go undone. That’s just how things work around this place.

So I’ve got tickets to both Warped Tour and SummerSlam next weekend. It should be a great weekend, though busy. The ass hats that organized Warped Tour have once again put it up in Barrie after promising to stop doing that to us. This will be the last time Warped is held there before it moves back to the downtown Toronto area next year (although that’s what we were told last year too.) It’s not like it’s a lot further away from where I live or anything, it’s just a pain in the ass to get out to Barrie rather than just being able to see the show right downtown. Oh well, maybe next year.

This will be my first tim at Warped. I’ve been close to going the last few years but never got the chance. The last 2 years I was out of town for Goalball so I had to pass it up. It’s gonna be great. Some of the best bands in punk are on the show since it’s the Tour’s 10 year anniversary. Personally looking forward to Anti-Flag and Bad Religion. I’m going with my girlfriend so I’m sure at some point or another we’ll be stopping in to see some of the crappier, poppier bands but even that won’t be so bad.

The next night is SummerSlam. I still have no idea who I talked her in to going to that but somehow I did. We have tickets in the 12th row. We actually have an extra one as someone I know has backed out but I’m sure we won’t have a problem filling that seat. I know lots of wrestling fans. It’s just a question of finding one who’s not busy on that night.

Well I really only did this post just for something to do and I have nothing left to say at the moment so I guess I’ll get outta here for now.


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