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Last Updated on: 6th November 2013, 10:18 am

So just one day after we hit our 9000th hit, we are now sitting on exactly 400 posts! Now considering that this thing has been open for 10 months and there are 2 of us writing, it really speaks to our laziness but let’s take a trip down memory lane about some of the very odd topics that we’ve discussed in our 400 posts.

One of my personal favourite things on this website has been Steve’s search engine results that he posts every so often. You know the ones where he finds out what the hell all you sick freaks were actually looking for to get here? We’ve had people show up on our page looking for everything from Randy Orton’s penis to Matt Stajan’s penis to Batman’s penis (are you seeing a trend here?) to midget love making to John Cena naked fucking other male wrestlers. Yup. It’s a perverse readership we have here but we still love you. (unless your country appeared on the negative side on yesterday’s post, in which case i’m surprised you’re back here today.)

There’s been other great events on this website. Like the ripping of our good friend Nick. Although that’s not so much an event as it is a series or every day occurance. It eventually lead to a ban on Nick as the rippings got boring and the insults got repetitive. Sure he’s back now but he’s behaving. And if he doesn’t then the second season of Nick ripping will probably create just as many priceless memories. Oh good times, people.

What about, Gee? Remember Gee? Oh nevermind. That was part of the Nick situation. How silly of me.

Or Satan? One of our most faithful commenters for a period was never far from slamming somebody mercilessly for the smallest of pointes. Whether it be me, Nick, anyone posting annonymously or Gee (oops) the attacks were always done with heartless disregard for human feeling. Kudos to Satan for creating some of our more humourous comments.

And what the hell ever happend to Greg Twilly? He was kinda funny… took shots at everyone including yours truly and then just kinda disapeared. He won’t be forgotten though. Thanks for the memories, old friend. Wherever you are.

There was our once a week advice column that may have lasted 3 weeks and those 3 weeks were not consecutive. There were a few small pieces of joy in them.

On this momentous day, let us not forget one of our more frequent guest posters, Carin. Never far behind Satan to rip Nick apart, she would also contribute thought provoking columns to be posted up on our main page. What a devoted Vomiteer.

And perhaps our most frequent reader, our European Princess, our friend from across the pond, our personal assistand as we tried to get this damn page off the ground (is it off the ground yet?) Karine!! The kind of blogger that Steve and I could only hope to be. One of the all time greats.

There’s been a never ending parade of stupid bastards on the news that Steve and I come across from day to day that we share here with you. These people must not be forgotten as they’ve granted us many laughs.

Or the occasional joke that Steve may find to put up here. Some are funny, some are not and many are just far too disgusting to do anything but try desperately to hold your lunch down. Oh but they’re a part of the legacy. Our leaper of a baseball fan will never be forgotten.

And lastly. SHAMELESS PLUGS FOR EVERYONE! Whether it be to our own columns, sites we enjoy and feel you should enjoy, our great friends at Salty Ham, our other bloggers that we correspond with. These links and plugs are what this place is all about. Feeling like a big shot when you’re really nothing at all!

So with all of this said I think there is more than enough here to justify you going back and looking over the archives. If you’re new here you’ll be in stitches over the hilarity that has occured here. If you’ve been with us since the beginning than it may very well bring a tear to your eye as you stroll down an emotional memory lane. Either way. Read over all that has taken place here. For these, my good friends, are the things that dreams are made of. Sad, pitiful dreams, but dreams nonetheless.

I’ll toast to another 400 posts. Won’t you join me?

Thank you for the love, my friends. Thank you.

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