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Last Updated on: 28th June 2023, 07:11 pm

There’s been some controversy over whether or not some of the Chinese gymnasts competing at the Olympics are honestly 16, the minimum age at which somebody can compete. Quite a few people have a hunch that they probably aren’t, saying that they look more like kids who are any where from 7 to 12.

I don’t technically have an opinion on the looks of these girls, but given that I have a hard time trusting anything that comes out of the mouth of somebody speaking on behalf of China, I’d say the doubters are likely on the right track. but what I can speak a little bit on is this quote from Carol-Angela Orchard, one of the coaches representing Canada.

“It’s really bigger than gymnastics,” began Carol-Angela Orchard, who coaches Canadian gymnast Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs. For the record, she is one of few coaches here who is not accusing the Chinese of cheating, heading into Wednesday’s team competition.

“I can’t go to the Canadian government and say, ‘Please give me passport for Elyse that will allow her to compete at the Olympic Games [before she is of
age]. That simply can not happen,” Orchard said. “So, if it’s a passport that the government supplies; if they have documentation from their government that says that is their age, then that’s their age.”

Yes, because the forthrightness of the Chinese government is the stuff of legend to be sure. Well, it is if we use the definition of legend that talks about unverifiable stories. Seriously, how naive can a person get? Does she actually believe this nonsense or is she that afraid of being detained and sent to one of those reeducation camps?

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