Well…We’re Alive.

Last Updated on: 22nd September 2013, 06:23 am

I don’t have much to say, except, phew, we survived another move. I always underestimate how freaky it is to have everything you own put in boxes and transported to your new home. But it’s weird. And now everything we both own has made the trip safely, although I do feel sorry for the people who helped Steve. Hauling a bed frame up 6 floors because it can’t fit in the elevator has gotta suck. But everything fit beautifully, and our new home has the phone, the internet and the cable again, not to mention that it plain rocks. This is a strange thing to say, but because of Stupidhead and Ditz O Matic, I forgot how it felt to feel safe and secure in your own home. Being here has made me remember what it feels like. The neighbours are cool, I think I’ve met a grand total of one creep in this building, and he’s leaving soon, and everyone else has been nothing less than awesome, and there’s lots of nice people in the neighbourhood. Plus, I don’t know what my parents were smoking when they said there was nothing near us. Let me count the things I found when I went on a little walk with a friend. 3 convenience stores, a computer store, our bank, a pizza place, a drugstore, a hair place, a Mcdonalds, a Tim Horton’s, a Dairy Queen, two more restaurants, another ice cream store, and a beer store. And I’m sure there’s more! Oh yeah, and a giant park where lots of stuff happens. If that’s nothing, having everything near you must mean you don’t have to move and stuff comes to you. Now I just need to get a few groceries and Steve needs to come back from family stuff and the place will be complete! Oh I can see many many happy times ahead!

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