A Most Unusual Day

Last Updated on: 26th September 2013, 12:46 pm

Imagine a day when everything’s the opposite of what it should be. You wake up. You go to do your laundry and on your way out of your apartment you run into your neighbour. he’s an ordinary guy. You always happen to see him leave on his bike somewhere, seems to be keeping rather busy. He’s always offering to help you with something. Anyway, he tells you in conversation that he has cancer, has been fighting it for years, but it has returned and now it’s near his brain. You’re completely floored and after you finish talking to him, you head off to do your laundry. But you’re always bringing the wrong money or you somehow end up leaving without your soap. You manage to get the laundry in the dryer, but you have to go somewhere before it’s done. You leave your clothes there and hope for the best. You run to where you’re going, and a fountain that’s part of the town square, a fixture, isn’t running today! You realize this just before you slam into it, and look like a complete dope. You get to where you’re going, and the people who are usually mean are really nice, and the people who are usually insincere seem to mean what they say today. You leave there a few hours later to catch the bus to meet up with some other people. But you miss the one bus and the next bus doesn’t move its ass for a good five minutes after it’s supposed to. You get up to where you’re going, but the people who you’re meeting aren’t there. Then you meet some people who are really nice, nice enough to run around with you looking for the people you were looking for in the first place. You check everywhere, but no dice. So you go back home. You go to play the “where’s my laundry” treasure hunt, but miracle of miracles, it’s all in the dryer where you left it!

Sound like a weird day? Now imagine that it’s real. You don’t have to. It is. That was my Wednesday.

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