Everything Sucks Today

Last Updated on: 8th December 2013, 11:49 am

Wow, dig that Descendents reference there. I’m so musical it scares me sometimes.

But seriously, everything does suck today. for one thing, it’s below freezing outside. It’s the 8th of November and it’s 2 degrees below 0. That’s not cool. Well actually I suppose it is, but puns are stupid so we’ll move on.

In case you can’t tell, this is going to be one of those random posts where I just start writing about my life without any one point, just directionlessly typing out sentences and seeing what I come up with. But sometimes those generate the most discussion since for some reason you people seem to like looking into the ever so exciting lives of myself, Matt and now Carin.

Speaking of Carin, she’s totally owning my ass when it comes to content. What a Friday she had. I haven’t seen a posting day like that from 1 person since…uh…since the last time I saw one like that. But seriously, I’m glad to have her around. She’s writing some great stuff and I know she’s got more ideas. I’m looking forward to seeing what she comes up with and I hope you guys are enjoying her stuff too.

And while I’m giving props and shoutouts to people, it’s time to dust off an old VC staple, the plug. This one goes to one of my fellow
Salty Ham
WT Harmon,
who is helping out a friend of his with a new site. So if you’ve got some time, and if you spend the time it takes to read the stuff here let’s face it, you probably do, check out
Insert Label.
There’s some cool stuff going on there and it’s definitely worth a look.

And while we’re on the subject of Harmon, the one thing that doesn’t suck about the last day or so is that I won his prediction contest and now I’m looking forward to a package of yet to be determined wrestling goodies in my mailbox. Yea me!

Quick question. Is directionlessly a word? I used it a couple of paragraphs ago as if it was one but I’m not so sure that it is. Well whatever, it is right now. But if anybody knows, feel free to fill me in.

But back to why everything sucks. I already mentioned the cold, but on top of the freezing temperatures, I’m sick. I started coming down with some sort of nasty stomach problem yesterday and as the night went on it kept getting steadily worse. It’s stopped getting steadily worse which is nice but what’s not so nice is the fact that it hasn’t started getting steadily better yet. So here I am, feeling like absolute crap on a cracker, with freezing weather outside and a lack of energy to do much of anything including going to the store to buy things that I want and need. So if anybody wants to run out and grab me some pop, milk, juice, bread and chips, that would be awesome of you. I’ll even pay you the money back for all of it when you bring it here. But even with that offer on the table I fully expect that I’ll be hiking down to buy this stuff myself when I get better. Thanks a lot, ingrates!

And now that I’ve called you all a name, I’m going to turn around and thank you for giving the site 10997 hits up to this point. That’s not bad for a blog staffed by people who nobody likes and who never write anything. Thanks for all of the support, it’s seriously appreciated.

I’m gone for now but since I’m not going too far from home in the next while you might hear more from me. Maybe Carin will pop in with something too, you never know. In the meantime, stay warm unless you live in a warm climate in which case, blow me, you lucky prick.


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