Carin’s Guide Dog Diary: Day 14

Last Updated on: 25th September 2013, 10:10 am

It’s Saturday! We’re really at the midpoint. This morning, we have obedience and relieve and then wait for the rest of us to get our mid-class interviews. Then it’s lunch and in the afternoon, we go over the schedule for next week and do a bus to lounge route. Now I’m excited about those. It’s pretty cool.

I’m so happy. My resume is sent off and not one, but 2 people were impressed with it. Yeah! I have a sporting chance at this job.

This morning has been pretty relaxed, which is pretty cool. Elizabeth, the head honcho of dormitory services, came by, took our orders and gave us a survey about the service, which was awesome, and the computers and what we use. I basically had my hand up for most of the computer stuff. Pretty cool.

Man, Carmen still plays the song. I’m going to hate that tune.

I finally had my mid-class conference thingy. They said I was doing fine. Trixie wouldn’t behave, but I got her to calm down eventually. I mentioned some screwy streets I have that I wanted some practice with. They were cool with that. It was actually pretty quick and painless.

Then Autumn and I took our puppies to the grass paddock. Since we can only go in one at a time, poor Trixie had to wait her turn. She’s funny. You can only get her going if you clap at her. And then, oh then.

Wow, I actually have time to think.

Man, the organ-player makes me feel like I’m at a funeral. Ok, gonna send emails now.

Well, that afternoon was a little, um, disconcerting. We walked from the bus to the lounge and I screwed up two crossings. One she wouldn’t cross and I was all screwed up in terms of alignment. Then when I had to turn, I got all turned around. Ug. Needed help both times. Then when we were going back to the bus, she was all weird and then we had trouble crossing a couple of streets and then she blew a down-curb! Raaar! Well I guess it’s meant to happen here.

I brought her out to relieve but all she’d do was pee. I fed her and something told me to bring her out again, and she pooped. I don’t know how the instructors sneak out without me noticing, but as soon as she dropped the present a voice from overhead said, “She went no. 2.”

Poor Sylvia. Estelle keeps pooping on route and if they can’t break her of it, she won’t make it as a guide. Poor woman. I don’t know what they’d do then, but it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

I got her all groomed up, and Autumn’s happy because she finally got Beauty to play with her tug ring. She threw it at her and then she started chasing it. Pretty cool. I wonder if Trixie will do the same. She’s on tiedown, she collapsed there.

I picked up her first dose of heartguard so we can protect Trixie-poo from heartworm. That’s tomorrow. Then we started watching Beethoven but we didn’t finish it before relieving. I’ll probably not see the end. Sniffle sniffle.

Collapsing now.

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