Everything sucks today the second.

Yep, I’m an unoriginal copycat. So sue me. Well things don’t suck nearly as much in my life as they seem to in Steve’s, but I’m in a rather suckalicious mood, and I have a bit of time to spare, so here we go. Everything sucks for me cause I’m stuck at the school library until well after any sane person should be there. I have to meet with some people in that class that I’m o so fond of. Then I get to walk home in the frigid cold. I actually gave in and got out the winter coat, and the day I break out the winter coat, I’m never a happy camper. And I got a mark back from a class that I thought I was doing well in. Well Guess what, sparticus? Not only does everything suck, apparently so do I! Now all that’s left is to find out that I suck in French too. And I get to do that most likely in about, hmmm, an hour.

So is everybody’s day sucking, or just ours? I am very happy to not be feeling sick, and I did get to see a friend, so that was cool. I just hate hate hate the cold, and the fact that I probably won’t make it home until 9:30 or so. Ick. I should be happy it’s not snowing. Now that I’ve said that, I’ll get caught in horrible snow.

Well I should probably do something productive. Have a less sucky day everyone.

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