What an Odd Combination

Last Updated on: 29th September 2013, 01:53 pm

Over the last few days I’ve been listening to the oddest thing and been pleasnatly surprised on how much I actually enjoy it. I downloaded the tracks from that Jay-Z/Linkin Park colaboration and I’ve actually thought it was pretty good.

Now I’m not usually much of a Jay-Z fan and definitely not a Linkin Park fan but for some reason when the two were crossed they came up with a sound that I actually enjoyed alot.

As most of you who have been reading here for a long time would know, I’m more of a Punk Rock fan but I do enjoy some other stuff as well. Rap is not right at the top of my list but there are a few Rappers that I don’t mind. If I’m going to listen to it though, it has to be more heavy and in your face. None of this cutesy lovey shit like Nelly and stuff like that that has all the 14 year old girls screaming these days. I need something that’s gonna still be heavy, even for rap so that I’m not venturing all that far from Punk. If you want to know what I mean download some Atmosphere tunes. (Trying to Find A Balance is their best song in my opinion). This is a Rap group that is a bit heavier and is rapping about something important like Social Issues. Y’know? Music with a message. it’s actually a nice change from “I got a million hoes and I shoot people who talk to them” kinda shitty music.

So, Linkin Park is by no means a largely “heavy” band but when you cross some of their music with rap lyrics like Jay-Z’s it comes off as a rap song with heavy music and I guess that’s probably why I enjoy it. I doubt I’ll be rushing out to buy the album but it’s not bad for a list of mp3’s. In my opinion the cross between Numb and Encore is the best of the group, but the rest aren’t bad.

Give it a listen if you get the chance. You might be surprised, too.

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