Dinner Rolls Are Too Big

Last Updated on: 3rd November 2013, 06:18 pm

So this guy goes to see his Doctor to complain about his erectile difficulty. He tells the Doctor that this isn’t a normal problem. It’s really really bad and none of the traditional pills or medicines has worked yet. Not even the world famous Viagary. He’s looking for something a bit more unconventional now.

The Doctor tells him that there is this new treatment out but it’s still in it’s experimental stages and the man probably wouldn’t be interested yet.

Desperate for anything, the man disagrees. “Please” he begs “I have a new girlfriend and this has been just terrible and I’d like to be able to have some fun with her. I’ll try anything.”

“Alright.” the Doctor says and begins explaining the treatment to his patient. “what we do is take the muscle from a baby elephant’s trunk and implant them in to your penis and hope that they take hold and serve the same purpose as the typical penis muscles.”

The patient eagerly agrees to go through with it as he has no other options anymore. He goes through with the surgery and a few nights later he’s out with hsi new girlfriend having dinner. She’s wearing an unbelievably sexy outfit and he can feel some movement in his pants. He begins to feel pretty confident that this new treatment is going to work for him and he’s anxious to get home with this girl to try it out, but for now he has to get through dinner.

They continue talking and the movement and growth in his pants continues to the point where he has to reach down under the table subtly and undo his zipper to relieve some of the pressure. A few moments later, their conversation is interrupted when his penis quickly reachs up through the zipper on to the table, grabs a dinner roll and dissapears back in to his pants.

the two people sit stunned at what just happened. The woman after a few minutes of silence finally says “Wow. That was pretty impressive. Do you think you could do it again?”

The man sits for a moment before finally replying “Well, I think so…. but I’m pretty sure I can’t fit another dinner roll up my ass.”

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