The Rent Is Too Damn High

Last Updated on: 18th November 2019, 06:58 pm

We were definitely not the happiest of campers when our rent went up by over $50 this year (largest increase I’ve ever seen), but apparently we ought to be counting our lucky stars that we have a decent place to live and don’t need to look for a new one. Guelph rental prices keep rising as more people get priced out of Toronto:
An average two-bedroom apartment in Guelph is listing for more than in Hamilton or Kitchener, according to most recent statistics by

As rents are trending up across Canada, the price of one and two-bedroom apartments in Guelph are also rising, says a spokesperson for, which lists apartments and condominiums for rent across the country.
In its October snapshot of the rental market taken from its own listings, said Guelph had an average monthly rent for a one-bedroom of $1,522 and average monthly rent for a two-bedroom at $1,778.

In comparison, a one-bedroom apartment in Kitchener lists for an average of $1,160 a month and a two-bedroom apartment rents for an average of $1,552 monthly. The average monthly rent in Kitchener has increased 6.2 per cent in the past year.

According to the National Rent Report by, the average monthly rent for Canadian properties in October was $1,940 per month, an increase of 5.5 per cent annually.

Average monthly rent for all rental types in Toronto was $2,584 in October and it remains the priciest city in Canada for a one-bedroom apartment.

An average one-bedroom apartment in Hamilton rents for $1,533, while the average two-bedroom apartment rents for $1,561.

Seriously, holy fucking shit. Who can afford any of this?

As for us counting those lucky stars, we totally are. the two-bedroom we’re in, even after the increase, is costing us only slightly more than the average one-bedroom according to those numbers.

I’d like to blame Doug Ford and his loosening of rent controls for all of this, but that wouldn’t be fair. It’s absolutely not going to help matters, but this is hardly a new problem.

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