Is this a Joke?

Last Updated on: 21st March 2014, 06:58 am

I saw the movie about Arnold running for governor in California, ya know, “See Arnold Run.” Well, I sorta had it on while I was doing other things. And I have to hope against hope that the producers were actually trying to make fun of him. The whole thing was just a little ridiculous.

First of all, the title, “See Arnold Run” sounds like one of those old Dick and Jane readers. See Dick run. See Jane follow. Whatever. And that alone makes me think they want us to think of Arnold as some kind of Tarzan-like beast. Then, they have some other guy playing Arnold. Ok, I understand they have to do that because you can’t have Arnold playing himself. But he’s so famous that you have to do a damn good job of finding an actor for him, and I’m sorry, this guy sucked. Maybe he looked like him. Maybe he was all muscle-bound and had the right height and stuff. But his accent was so fake that it was obvious beyond obvious that he wasn’t even close to Arnold. At least get someone who can do a good accent fake. Seriously, it would turn on and off at will. Come on guy, keep it on for the whole movie. At least try to convince me that you are who you’re pretending to be.

And then there were all the I’ll be baacks and Caalee-forneeas. I think you know what I’m getting at. It was more like a caricature of Arnold than a serious movie about his run.

And then the final straw. They had this interview scene where supposedly Barbara Walters was interviewing him. Maybe the chick who was playing Barbara Walters looked like her, but the only thing that sounded like her was an overaccentuated speech impediment. Ya know, Bobwa Wawtas.

Keep in mind that I noticed all of this while sorta just having it on in the background. I can’t imagine what crap I’d see if I actually had it on and was giving it my full attention.

I don’t give a crap about whether it hurt Arnold’s feelings or not. I’m not some kind of Arnold fan. I just look at the movie and don’t find it convincing. All I can say is, if it was intended to be funny, which it didn’t look like it was, ya fooled me into laughing. If it wasn’t, go back to school before you right your next movie.

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