More English Pet Peeves

Last Updated on: 11th October 2013, 10:49 am

What the hell is with me having the urge to be so nitpicky right now? I don’t know. But here I go again.

What is it with people forgetting the meaning of words and just using them any old way? Some people just seem to take words and throw them in a sentence as if they were a decoration that had no meaning. Like the way people say literally. I’ve heard people say, ” He was literally spitting fire.” Unles he’s one of those trick fire-eater guys, no he wasn’t. Literally means he was actually doing it. But people use the word just to accentuate what they’re saying. Or people who say, I rest my case when they haven’t proven anything. I just look at them and go, ok whatever.

And then there are words that just seem to have lost their meaning. Some people say, “Oh I could care less.” You know they mean, I don’t care. But if you could care less, doesn’t that imply that you do care somewhat because you could care less? Or, to take a shit. Don’t you want to leave a shit? If you’re taking one, I don’t want to know what you’re doing with it. And then there’s the expression “all but”. I don’t understand when people say, “the food was all but gone.” Wouldn’t that mean it was all still there? But they mean that it was pretty much gone. What the hell? Soon everything we know in the English language will be turned around ass backwards. One day I won’t know what hit me when I’ll say to someone, “have a nice day” and they’ll take it to mean, “go fuck yourself.”

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