Poncho the Gator Went Chomp Chomp Chomp

Last Updated on: 15th July 2015, 11:31 am

Ok, this story starts off pretty mundane. Dude is running from cops, dude decides he should dive into a pond to get away, pond is full of aligators, and…so long, he’s movin’ on, his face no more you’ll see.

But this is where it gets weird. Apparently, it’s a Florida state law that if a person is killed or digested by a gator, the gator has to be destroyed, and such will be the fate of Poncho, as this gator was nicknamed. But I have to ask why the law applies in this case. The dude dove into the pond where the gator was living! If you’re stupid enough to dive into a pond in Florida, a state where aligators seem to be everywhere, you get what you get. It’s kind of like saying that someone was vicious for shooting at someone who broke into their home. If good old Poncho got out of the pond and went after said dude, that would be a different story. But this doesn’t seem fair.

Gees, I never thought I’d feel sorry for a gator.

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