Last Updated on: 30th November 2013, 09:09 am

I’ve heard the new Seether song “Remedy” a couple of times now and I’m kind of liking it. It’s pretty rockin’, it’s catchy, and it’s got that unexplainable thing about it that just makes me like certain songs. But tell me something, am I the only one who thinks that they could have slipped that song onto a Nirvana album without anybody noticing? Seriously, everything about it just screams NIRVANA to me. The riff, the way Shaun Morgan sings, the drums, the melody, everything that can sound Nirvana-ish, does. I guess that’s sort of a compliment since even though it lacks any kind of real originality I still like it, but maybe the fact that they sound like a kickass tribute band was the first thing I noticed about it should be some sort of warning sign for popular music that maybe we’re running a little low on ideas here.

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