The Bank Where People Make UP The Difference

If you work in marketing for a bank and you often find yourself frustratedly wondering why it is that no matter how many humourous, tug at the heartstrings campaigns you launch into the world nobody fuckin’ likes your employer even the slightest little bit, this is why.

Louis Kavaratzis says his retirement plans are ruined after Canada Post misplaced a piece of registered mail that contained a certified cheque for $301,560 — money left for him in his late father’s will. 
His brother, George Kavaratzis, sent the cheque from their father’s estate through registered mail from Campbellford, Ont., to Louis in Ayer’s Cliff, Que., on July 25.
But the cheque has seemingly vanished and the brothers have spent every day since trying to track it down with Canada Post, and to get TD Bank to stop or otherwise flag it and issue a new one. However, they say neither institution has offered much help.

After CBC Toronto contacted TD this week, it offered to issue a new cheque with the condition George sign an indemnity agreement, which means he would be held liable for the money if the original cheque is ever found and cashed by someone else.

George, quite rightly, told TD to blow him. I doubt that’s what he actually said, but he did decline the offer, has he should have. He also appears to be much nicer than most people, as evidenced by his proposal that he be liable for $150,000 if that should ever happen. This is quite different from the proposal I would have made, which is that the bank collectively gargle my nards and shove their agreement someplace uncomfortable in an unlubricated state.

To be clear, the idea that someone should sign this agreement isn’t the problem here if simply stopping payment isn’t an option. Someone should. But that someone should be Canada Post, a fact that should be obvious to anyone with an intellect any greater than that of Doug Ford and whoever told him the Greenbelt thing was a good idea. They’re the ones who quite obviously lost the money, so they’re the ones who should be on the hook for it. Why is this so hard?

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