He Was AS Happy As A Kid In A Vending Machine!

When your kid goes missing, usually they find him in a cupboard, or under the stairs, or maybe hiding behind a shed. Perhaps he’s hanging out in the neighbour’s yard. But who would think that the kid could have gotten inside an arcade claw machine at a bowling alley? But this one did. Somehow, he slipped up a chute, and was now having a grand ol’ time, playing with all the prizes inside the machine. He must have thought he had died and gone to heaven!

The people at the bowling alley had to call the operator of the machine and ask them how to open the machine. Can you imagine getting that call?

“Uh, yes, machine operator? We have a toddler trapped inside our machine. We really didn’t want to give him away as a prize. How do we get him out?”

They did get him out, reunited him with his formerly terrified mom, and asked him which toy he wanted to take home with him.

Sadly, he probably won’t remember his trip inside the prize machine, which is too bad, because damn, that would be a good trick to be able to pass on!

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