Last Updated on: 5th October 2014, 12:33 pm

Wow, I can’t believe the level of stupididy we appear to have reached. I happened to flip over to Dateline last night, well I got a heads up that there might be something funny to watch. And sure enough, there was.

It seems someone was dumb enough to be taken for a ride by one of these Nigerian scams. You know the ones. “Hello, my name is Maria el googoogoo. I need your help. My husband/father/son/brother/whoever was killed in a land dispute, or was assassinated. I have all this money, but I need your help to get it out of the country. I contacted you because I’ve heard that you are discrete and can be trusted in such matters. If you’d be so kind as to help me get away from these horrible corrupt people, I’ll give you a percentage. Please reply if you want to help me, and give me your bank account number so I can transfer the money.”

Come on now, doesn’t that scream “scam” or at least “something’s wrong with this picture”? Unless you actually do this sort of thing, how would you have a reputation that this person would have heard of? And even if you do, why are they contacting you at your personal email account?

If the email doesn’t set off alarm bells on its own merits, unless you have lived under a rock, you would have heard of these things. They’ve been flying around the internet for years now. So to fall for them now flings you across the bridge from victim to idiot so far that you can’t even see the arrows back home.

But the scariest thing is that Dateline decided that there are enough of these morons out there that are being scammed that they should do a show on this stuff and hunt down some of these scammers. They didn’t just laugh when they heard this story and go, “Stupid moron should have known better.” No no no. Years ago, I could half understand them doing a show on it. It would have been a new scam idea. But now? Come on.

The best was the woman they showed who was stupid enough to not only reply to this email, but she sent the widow El Googoogoo a bunch of money! The first thing she said was, ” I’m very much a giver.” No, you’re very much a moron. Best of all, she was the treasurer of some organization. If I was in that organization, I’d be voting in a new treasurer. This woman shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near money.

Although shocked they took the time to even consider this story worth focusing on, I thought it was damn funny what the dateline people did. They set up fake email addresses and called them things like Gill T. Azell. Just sound that out. Or, Hugh Dunnit. They did manage to set one bunch of scammers up to meet them, but didn’t really accomplish much.

But the point is that enough people are getting scammed that they made a show out of it and made these people look like poor hapless victims. Nope. they’re numbnutses! Come on people, use your brains if you have any to speak of. Think of these emails like viruses. If you weren’t expecting them, they’re probably bad news. If more people thought like that, this scam bullshit would go away!

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