Not Again!

Last Updated on: 14th October 2014, 05:46 pm

I heard on the news that the powers that be have decided to call an election. Another one. When did we last go to the polls? 2004? So they’re trying to arrange to have one called in February. They think that somehow they’re going to end up with more than a minority government, which is what they’ve got now. How they think that’s probable, I don’t know. This just makes me go “Oh no!” Believe me, I’m happy we have the right to vote, I’m happy that we can control our destiny…sort of. But it saddens me that the choices we have are poop, shit, or crap. Doesn’t that just make you want to sprint to the polling stations boys and girls?

Let’s look at the contestants. We have our current leader, Paul Martin. I guess he’s been ok, except for the sucking up to Bush stuff. But I guess that’s livable considering we’re supposed to be allies. But the funniest part is watching him get mad. He does not scream monstrous intimidator at all. He might as well just beg for what he wants. Maybe that would be more effective. Then we’ve got Stephen Harper, *shiver*. He’s the main reason this stupid election is being called, even though Jack Layton is the one making the motion. Let’s face it, he just wants the power, and has been chomping at the bit to have it for as long as he has been visible in the media. I don’t know what he wants to turn Canada into, but I’m afraid, especially since it seems a lot of people are leaning towards him. Are they stupid? Oh why do I ask? And now our final major contender, Jack Layton. He says things but he just doesn’t seem convincing, and he comes across as a weasel. I know I know, all politicians are weasels, but the key is to hide it, and he can’t.

So they wonder why Canadians are apathetic. For one, we’ve had too many damned elections. Second, would you be enthused given the choices? When your fate sucks and you have no control over it, it’s bad enough. But if, as a responsible citizen, you have to have a hand in your sucky fate, it makes it that much harder to swallow.

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