You Did What To Your Computer?

Last Updated on: 21st January 2017, 05:21 pm

I saw this on Twitter, and after I finished smacking my fist, laughing, and making noises as if someone just strangled me, I felt it had to get posted up here. 6 Reasons the Guy Who’s Fixing Your Computer Hates You

Why did it make me do all of these things? Because it’s, so, true. Steve and I have seen levels of it firsthand, and neither of us are computer geniuses. But we’ve tried to fix enough small to large computer problems to know all of this is true. Yeah, mom and dad, that porn on your computer? It didn’t come from my sister. You have yourself a nice infestation there.

Allow me to add a seventh blind-guy-centric reason the guy fixing your computer hates you. It gets really frustrating when people tell you what an error message says, and you google what they say, only to find that they didn’t actually spell it out, they just sorta guessed at what their screen reader said. So, you spend a whole heap of time barking up the wrong Google tree.

I sent it to Mr. Do a Good Turn and hoped that he’d get a good giggle. I also hoped that he didn’t hate me for pieces of no. 5 and no. 1. I’ve been known to think a problem is a quick fix, only to find…um…uh-oh…that’s a lot of googling you’ve got to do there, dude. And no. 1 simply because I didn’t have backups, remember?

Um, yeah, about that…let’s get ourselves an external, you dumbass.

Anyway, have a chuckle or 6 if you can relate to any of this.

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