Take Care, Not Car! Children On Board

We interrupt the audio to make fun of somebody. Believe me, there will be more audio. We’re not even half done our ideas.

This started off as a regular carjacking. Somebody left their car running, somebody saw opportunity and jumped in. Except…the car was full of vocal passengers.

The unnamed carjacker jumped in the driver’s seat, and immediately found a yappy poodle on the front seat beside him. Not only that, but there were two small, and very honest, little boys in the back. First they asked him if he knew he was in the wrong car, then when he reached for their change, pleaded with him not to take their money. The flustered thief just drove the car home to its rightful address, bringing relief to the Russo family when their kids and dog came home unharmed.

Ha ha ha, not every idling vehicle is an easy opportunity, now is it?

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