Is Something Out to Get Me?

Last Updated on: 10th October 2013, 09:57 am

Does anyone remember the myth about the fates? This is the way I remember it. They are 3 stone-faced old women who sit on a mountain knitting a quilt. Each thread represents someone’s life. If they cut a thread, that person dies. If the fates really exist, one is bent on cutting my thread, and another one is having a tug of war with her over the scissors.

Here’s why I say that. I have been almost hit by a car 4 times in the last two weeks. Once, it happened as I walked through a parking lot. Once it happened when the walk sign was up at a busy traffic light, one of the ones that chirps for us blind people to tell us it’s time to go. Once some moron decided to not look where he was driving and just plough out of a driveway towards the street. And the last time, I almost got creamed by a giant truck. This is not the usual for me. I swear someone really wants me to die by getting me hit by an automobile of some kind.

And that’s not all. I went to get money out of a bank machine. As I was finishing up, I heard, “Could ya spare a little change? I’m looking for a job with no success.” Since I have no change, I sheepishly say no and leave the bank. As I do, I think, “Do you realize how close you came to being mugged? Here you are getting money out of a bank machine and someone’s begging for change.”

All I can think is I must have a reason to be here because so many times I came close to meeting some kind of unfortunate fate, and all those times I’ve been rescued. Or, if there are a bunch of unseen beings up there controlling things, one of them is trying to scare me, or the one chosen to do me in is super-incompetent at it.

I’m going to Ottawa tomorrow. Hopefully I make it back ok, with only more adventures to talk about. I just hope these are the good kind.

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