Wanna See My Carrot?

What’s up? I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with doc.

A Warren County, N.J., man is accused of exposing himself to trick-or-treaters while wearing a pink bunny costume Monday outside Phillipsburg, authorities said.
Phillipsburg police were dispatched to a home on East Boulevard in Alpha, based on a report of lewdness called in to the Warren County 911 center, county Prosecutor James Pfeiffer said in a news release.
Arriving officers spoke with witnesses who said Thomas Mohring, 52, was exposing his genitals to a woman and her 10-year-old son while they were trick-or-treating on Halloween, according to the release.
“As officers approached Thomas Mohring, he was attempting to cover a hole in the crotch area of the costume,” Pfeiffer wrote in the release.

This is a rather old story that I just found in my never ending stash so it would surprise me if it hadn’t been resolved by now, but so far I can’t find any updates on it. The two charges he faced at the time could have put a stop to the hopping and flopping for a shade more than seven years, though.

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