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Last Updated on: 19th September 2014, 10:13 am

Can we get any more vague than that? I don’t know. But here’s my question. I have a friend who’s sister is blind. Let’s call my friend’s sister Suri since I can’t remember what her real name is, don’t want to accidentally use it, and no one from this side of the pond except Tom Cruise would name their baby Suri, *gag*. So anyway, Suri lives out in B.C., has lived at home all her life and unfortunately didn’t learn some basic survival things like cooking and cleaning and such. She is now over 21 and my friend really wants her to learn and the only way she can think to help her do that is to find a place where she can stay and learn these things, like a residential school for the blind or something.

But here’s the problem. There are a few around, but they are only available to people under 21, leaving Suri out of the game. So does anyone know of a place in Canada that could help someone learn some daily living skills so then she could learn the rest independently? Or maybe a place she could live that’s almost independent that has staff come in and make sure things are cool and help when needed. Any suggestions or leads would be super appreciated, since I’m completely stumped and need as many ideas as possible. Comment, or email me, it’s up there near the top.

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