>Ah, More Proof!

Last Updated on: 26th April 2012, 01:52 pm

>Today was the king of random days. All kinds of random things happened to me, some of them I talked about already, a couple are still to come. Yes, I think I am finally running out of ideas.

I was walking down the street past my house and towards a restaurant with a large covered patio, but for the purpose of this post, I’ll call it a gazebo. As I walked by, I heard a voice softly say, “I’m thinking next year I’ll have the gazebo nailed to the ground.” I didn’t think about it at all, and kept going. Then the voice said again, equally softly, “Oh! So you’re just going to keep on walking are you?” Suddenly realizing the voice was intended for me, I turned around. What he said next still has me laughing.

“remember a few months ago when this whole gazebo fell down? You were the first to notice it, at least the first to call it in. We always remembered that and talked about how the girl with the white stick was the only one to notice something was wrong!”

I had to think a while, and then remembered. There was this one windy night. The next morning at around 10 or so, when I tried to walk by the restaurant, something was taking up a lot more of the sidewalk than it should. So, I did the only thing I thought I should. Since this place was right beside my apartment building, actually kind of surrounded by the building, I called the landlord and asked who we should talk to about the collapsed gazebo.

But apparently I was the first and only person to let them know. Considering there are 20 other apartments in this building, and this street isn’t exactly the quietest, um, I’m scared. I’m really thinking people aren’t using their eyes anymore.

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