Fun In Toronto (Cont’d)

Last Updated on: 17th October 2013, 03:24 pm

When last we left our heroes, they were entering the Rogers Centre in Toronto for the Blue Jays home opener… and heavily intoxicated.

So we were pushing it for time when we arrived and by the time we got to the 5th deck it was pretty loud in the buiding but we couldn’t go to our seats without stopping to grab another beer. Which we gladly did. We got there in time to see the National Anthem and Tom Cheak’s wife (Tom having recently passed away from a fight with cancer) throw out the ceremonial first pitch – receiving a stnading ovation.

The tone was set early as we began chanting right away afterwards for the Jays and a woman asked my friend “Are you planning to be this loud through the entire game?” to which he gave the only honest answer he could “Probably, yes.” We soon learned we were in the wrong seats and were 2 rows ahead of where we were supposed to be. The people who’s seats we were in were not to kind about resolving the situation as we were more than willing to move – just apparently not quick enough for them. Keep these people in mind. They play heavily in to the story later.

So we moved up 2 rows and continued our party. We were surround by many people our age who we talked to and generally had a good time with. The beers continued to flow and the evening was going perfectly… Until.

My buddy, Aaron, the friendly fellow that he is decided to shwo some love to the crowd that we were talking to. He just randomly started pointing at people in the crowd and saying “I like this guy.” Ya it was stupid and he was drunk but people were liking him back and there were no real issues. He continued this for a while until he pointed to the lead dick that had been so rude in asking us to move 2 rows in from of us – and then said “but not this guy.” and just laughed, as did most of the section and a couple of this guy’s buddy’s. Unfortunately… he didn’t laugh.

He jumped out of his seat and spun around and in the most faked gangster voice you could possibly imagine yelled “What the fuck you say, bitch?”. Aaron just laughed thinking the guy was kidding around. Apparently laughing at him wasn’t what this guy wanted as he went to the aisle and started heading up to our row. He came down it and started getting in Aaron’s face so obviously we all stood up to make sure things weren’t gonna get out of hand. He tried to tell him that he was just kidding around and everything was cool until… out of nowhere… this guy HEAD BUTTS my buddy! he head butts him? Who does that?

So Aaron shoved him and fists started flying and his buddy’s and us all jumped in and the thing was gettin’ out of hand. My friend Melissa who is no more than 115lbs (totally wasted like the rest of us) starts trying to get involved and punching this guy in the back. It was all starting to get calmed down until this point when the guy turned around and nailed her with an elbow and we all lost it again and it all blew up in to another fight. Eventually some under cover cops in the crowd and SkyDome security came and broke it up and took the guy who came to our row down for questionning. A few minutes later they came back up and said they wanted to talk to Aaron, and a few minutes after that my friend Chris who had been the first guy to jump in after the headbutt.

Some time went by and I eventually just barely heard my phone ring, I answered it, barely able to hear anything over the crowd. It was Aaron. “Ya … uhh… we got kicked out”. I laughed and told everyone else. They were gonna go to the limo, drink more and listen to the game on the radio. We stayed for the rest of the game which was an amazing game that the Jays won and headed out of the dome as wasted as when we entered chanting “Let’s Go Jays’ with 50,000 other people. When we got to the spot to meet the limo, my buddy Chris was tanked and telling people to pay this drummer who always plays outside the Dome.

they told us they didn’t feel bad about getting kicked out of the game becauseon their way out they saw the guy who started the whole thing in Medical getting stiched up and the blood cleaned off of his jacket while his buddy’s waited for him. So at least they won.

Well. should do some more work. Still lots more to this evening. I’ll try and get it up a little later on.

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