In Chapter 3 We’re Reduced To Petty Vandalism. Story Cont’d

Last Updated on: 17th October 2013, 03:21 pm

OK, OK, so I buggered off yesterday and never finished the story. I’m sure you weren’t that torn apart by it.

When last we visited with our friends, we were meeting up with our prematurely evacuated friends outside the Dome.

So we all piled back in to our limo where we tied back in to the beers we had brought with us – at this point in the evenign the fact that they were warm would not have dampened our spirits. We were certainly not ready to call it a night. It was only 10:30, we had a limo and in were in downtown T.O. having the time of our lives. So we asked the driver for a good bar for food and cheer. He suggested this place that I would recommend to all of you if you’re ever in town. Murphy’s Law. It’s a pub not too far from the Rogers Centre that has all kinds of great European beers and your typical Canadian ones. My buddy’s and I had been hankering for a Tennants. It’s a Scottish beer that I had got them hooked on in Waterloo back in the fall. It’s awesome.

So we went in and there was like a side little room right beside the front door for like 10 people that we quickly took over. We ordered up a couple hundred wings and several pitchers and went to work. The wings didn’t last long and thep itchers were coming pretty quickly when my buddy Shane noticed an awesome sign that he thought would look great in our house in Belleville. Was a nicely framed Guinness sign. He tapped on the side of it to see if it was just on one nail and would swing or was stuck right to the wall. Unfortunately, it was stuck right in to the wood wall. We continued to share some laughs when Aaron returned to the room from the bathroom and said “Wow, sweet sign!”. Appanrelty still filled with aggression, he walked over and, seemingly effortlessly, tore it off the wall. He stood therein amazement with the sign in his hand and said “Whoa!”. There were still 6 nails in the back and pieces of wood and drywall stuck to those. He quickly pulled it down behind a chair and askedme to run interferance.

Just outside the door to the little room to the left was the door to outside, but to the right was all the tables and bar and such. He just wanted me to make sure no one was coming and block view of him as he went out the door to the limo witht he sign. So I walked out first and almost ran right in to a waiter coming in. The only thing I could think to do was put my arm around him and spin him around and walk away from the room and ask him some stupid question about the bar that I can’t even remember now. He just laughed and wasn’t suspicious since I was clearly wasted. Aaron got out successfully and the sign was put in the car. Our driver just shook his head.

I was back in the room when Aaron came back in and without saying a word or hesitating for a second he walked over and just tore another sign clean off the wall. Unfortunately when he went to pull it down to his side he knocked a glass over and it shattered. This of course brought waiters running to clean it up. He quickly put it on the floor behind him against the wall and leaned against it while my buddy George stood half in front of him trying to be all apologetic to keep the focus on the spilled beer. They cleaned up and as they walked out, Aaron actually used THEM as cover to walk out with the other sign.

We all finished out beers and when we went to leave we noticed 2 spots on the wall far brighter than the rest of the wall where the pictures had hung and where the paint hadn’t faded from the light. We thought it was pretty funny and left a note in one of the spots that said “Belleville was here.”

Well that’s good for now I guess. The next chapter has nakedness and an awesome incident with our new found signs. Stay tuned.

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