That Canadian Guy was Funny!

Last Updated on: 8th December 2013, 10:01 am

A while ago, Steve and I got tickets to go see Glen Foster, with the opening band the Black Roses. Well, the show was last night, and it was awesome. If you have a chance to see either of these two, you should go see them.

Glen Foster was funny, but I knew he was going to be funny. I guess what I wasn’t expecting was exactly *how* funny he was going to be. When you’ve heard a couple CD’s and a bunch of TV specials, to see him live is a whole different level of funny. Everybody seemed to be having a pretty good time, which was good since I wondered how many of the old ladies near us just came because they saw an ad for it in the paper.

But the big surprise was how funny the Black Roses were. They seemed like they’d be fun from the little bit of them we saw on the CBC and from their website, but god their delivery was hillarious. Imagine two sweet-sounding girls getting up to sing and play the guitar. They have voices that sound like they should be singing songs about the world’s problems and how we should all love each other. Then they sing, and make you laugh your ass off about fag hags, cults dying together, dead dream babies, polygamy, screwing, and whatever else is swirling around in their dirty minds. Somewhere, some poor old nun or choir teacher is crying because she taught these girls music and now they’re using their beautiful voices to sing such horrible words.

I got their CD, “Look it up Yourself”, and parts of it are just…odd. there’s no other word for it. Odd. They even signed the CD, which was cool. The freakiest part was while they were signing it. They were talking to me and they sounded all sweet, the way they do during their act, just before whipping out a really sarcastic line or a joke. So I was waiting for them to make some kind of crack at me. They didn’t, of course, but it was weird. We added them to our links section under people who make us laugh, so if you want, you can…go look them up yourselves.

So, it was lots of fun. If you can, go see Glen Foster. And check out the Black Roses too.

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