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Last Updated on: 24th October 2013, 08:21 am

I’ll admit this might be a bit premature since the news story I’m about to bash I haven’t seen yet, but the ads for it made me think this, and since I haven’t written anything in a while, my computer made a meal out of yesterday’s attempt at a post, and I’m bored right now, I figure what the hell, why not babble up here for a bit? Plus, hey, if I’m totally wrong, that’ll create more fuel for another post.

Tonight they say they’re going to have this big story on how blogs are screwing with work productivity and employers are getting pissed. I just look at that and think, aren’t employers happy to find something else to blame their problems on? Isn’t it easy to, instead of blaming the shitheads you hired who obviously don’t appreciate their jobs enough to do them properly, turn and blame a bunch of strangers who the shitheads might not even know, and companies who thought it might be nice to give people a voice? It’s not their damn fault that the shitheads don’t know that maybe they should only blog/look at blogs on break or in low times.

It’s the same damn thing as when researchers tried to blame music for kids turning to violence. Doesn’t the kid have any active part in this whole equasion? Are you trying to tell me that the kid has no control over what he does or thinks, and the music is controling him? I think the last person who said music was telling him to do stuff got taken away by men in white coats, don’t you?

The same goes for the blog shit. The blogs aren’t forcing people to go look at them. If people don’t know that maybe they should pick up that phone instead of looking at the blog, that’s not the blogger’s fault. Personal responsibility, people. If I know human nature, I’d be willing to bet that if blogging/blog-reading was banned at work, even if it could be done completely, these same people who are dragging down productivity would find other ways to slack off.

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