Well… It Ain’t A Door – But It’s Cool

Last Updated on: 15th November 2013, 11:02 am

So today we made another landmark purchase. It won’t be as cool as the door we’ve all been talking about agani recently – but it’s pretty sweet so it warranted a post.

Our family owns a cottage in Harcourt Park. Harcourt Park is in cottage country and is a privately owned huge piece of property with a bunch of lakes and roads and stuff. It’s massive. So you buy the cottages from the Harcourt Group instead of from other people and basically you then own shares in the park, which is private property owned by everyone who owns a cottage there. This means while standard laws do apply – certain ones do not. Since our roads are technically not “public roads” and have to be consideredm ore like driveways through the woods that the land is on… you’re allowed different vehacles on them than you would be allowed to have on a public road or highway. Vehacles like…. golf carts….

That’s right, rather than take your car from cottage to cottage when you visit, most people use their boat or a 4 wheeler or something. Until we moved in a few years ago, and then my aunt and uncle, and then our family’s best friends, and then a guy my Dad works with who hangs out with us. We started taking over. And while we did bring 4 wheelers and boats, we also brought Golf Carts. They were the same standard small, weak battery powered ones you’d see on any golf course and we used them because we could carry more people on them than on the 4 wheelers. That was until today.

We just bought the mother of all golf carts. It’s an extremely hot lookin’ red which is a great start. It has huge mud tires on it to get better traction on the dirt and gravel roads and to keep it up out of the puddles that can accumulate. Also assisting to that end? A bad-ass lift-kit keeps this thing sittin’ high and lookin’ hot. And rankly lookin’ more like a mini-truck than a peaceful golf cart.

As I said, most golf carts on a run on an electric battery powered rechargeable engine which is ok except it’s not that powerful and the battery dies quickly. We have one relative who lives 5 km’s on the other side of the park. This thing would get you there, albeit slowly thanks to lack of power in the little engine and all the hills that it didn’t have the balls to speed up, and would then require charging at the other end before you could come home which took about 4 beers… err… I mean an hour to do. Not this baby. This thing has a gas powered 30HP engine! This bitch will do over 50kph (which is a nice step up from the battery powered one which would hit top speed of about 11kph if you were lucky enough to be going downhill with only one person on it).

It has 6 drink holders (and only 4 seats which is funny but appropriate with our family) which is good since you pretty much have to be loaded to be willing to be seen driving around in a sooped up golf cart. The crowning jewel. A stereo system. Some in the past have had radios but this has a full out CD player and speakers in it. All we’re missing is the hydrolics and the rims and we’ve got Snoop’s golf cart.

Just thought I’d keep you kids up to date on the crap we’re buying these days.

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