Thought Shake, Extra Thick

Last Updated on: 14th January 2015, 09:21 am

It’s random thoughts time again! Yep, here’s where I ramble about a bunch of crap that probably interests no one. The only difference is this one’s full of a bunch of disconnected thoughts. Since most of these random thoughts posts have titles about food, and I figured thoughts of soup or anything else would probably make people sweat way too much on a hot day like this, and salad was already taken, it’s a thought shake. So I wonder if you can suck it through a straw.

Speaking of shakes, has anyone else noticed that the Macdonalds chocolate milkshakes are way, way, way too sweet? You suck back on them and it feels like the sugar is going straight to your brain and your pancreas is shrieking in protest. Once, I thought I tasted chocolate powder in them. Like holy crap. They were fine before. Did someone actually demand more chocolate? What is wrong with people, if they did? Or maybe someone at this one macdonalds needs to go back to shake machine school.

I wonder if the construction crew in this part of the city should look into whether they’re dyslexic. I’m certainly thinking they should, after I saw the masterpiece of a bus shelter near this place. IT’s backwards! If you stand in it, you won’t be seen by the bus, and the back wall faces where the front usually faces on these things. When the bus comes, you have to run out and around it. It’s so bad that people tell us not to stand in it, that it’s better to stand behind it. Nice job…or…boj.

When you’re getting a TB test as a requirement for a form, and you come back to have it read, the last thing you need to hear from the nurse looking at your arm is….oh my goodness! So many thoughts race through your head. “Do I have TB? How did I get it? Shouldn’t I be coughing or something?” Then she says, “you’re clear!” This causes another thought cascade. “Phew! Why was she surprised? Was she hoping I’d have TB? Or, was she fucking with my head just for fun? Does she like saying to people who get lumps looked at, “You’d better sit down. You’re fine.” What is wrong with this deranged individual?” Or, am I the weird one? Either way, that was strange.

The CD buying spree continues. I now own the two newest albums by the Frantics, and all I can say is, these guys are weird. Some pretty funny stuff swirling around in their heads. I love how some people can take ordinary stuff and make it hillarious.

The other day, I did a couple speeches for my sister’s teachers’ college class about blindness and education. When she asked me to do it, I was like gee what do I talk about? Well, apparently, there’s over 40 minutes worth of stuff to talk about. But the weirdest thing was having the people I spoke to say I was inspirational at the end. Me? Inspirational? Um…ok? I just talked about what happened. I never really thought of myself as inspirational. I even apparently made one girl cry because I was so moving. Allrighty then. I’ll try and digest that. I guess they liked it then.

Isn’t it weird when you see someone say things that are totally the opposite of what they used to stand for? You can only think they’re blinded by love and that’s why they say them. Take someone who was always one that would tell people to do their own damn laundry unless there was a physical reason why they couldn’t, like they couldn’t reach the machines or something, and couldn’t understand why guys would hire maids to iron their shirts. Now that they’re with this guy who does exactly that, oh how the tune has changed. In fact, the maid does his laundry. When I heard about it, I started laughing and was completely amazed. She stopped walking and said, “Carin, he doesn’t have time to iron his shirts.” He doesn’t? That night, he was going to play tennis and get a massage. I’m sure he could have worked the ironing in there. This guy has lots of money and they’re going on trips, seemingly on a whim. I remember when she was sensible and practical. I hope she comes out of this fog. I’d like her back to normal. That would be nice.

And then there are people that are completely unable to see what other people need because they’re too wrapped up in their own needs. One friend of mine had an older family member who had to have part of her esophagus ripped out because it had a tumour. Think about that. So she has to be fed through a tube because she can’t actually eat stuff. Since this friend’s family is spread all over the place, they sent the friend over to help her do stuff she can’t do herself because of what’s happened. So my friend has to crush up her meds and put them in a syringe, attach new bags of whatever you put into feeding tubes to the machine that shoots it in there, turn the pump on and off that supplies the older lady’s tube with stuff, and she has to do this a few times a day. She doesn’t have to bathe her, she doesn’t have to do anything highly medical, yet this was enough to make her cry because it was so much work! One day, she said she had a migraine headache, so she said she crossly said to the old lady, “I’m going to bed, I’ll just get up to do the bare minimum.” Is anyone else as astounded as I am? This poor old lady doesn’t want to be like this. she doesn’t want to be dependent on family to feed her. And then she gets that kind of treatment! My friend even said she made jokes to the old lady about “What are you gonna do when I’m gone?” I thought that since my friend gets sick a lot, she’d have a little more empathy for her relative. I guess not.

*slurp slurp gurgle* That’s the end? Yep, it is. Maybe I’ll have more thoughts later. Hope you enjoyed this one, and it was yummy yummy tasty.

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