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There is no better title for this. I will keep my blabber to a minimum, and let our friendly neighbourhood idiot from the previous post speak for himself. I’m going to paste a story from the Guelph Mercury, and, after I’m done convulsing with laughter, I will leave my thoughts in bold.

Activist charged with mischief, days after last charges

GUELPH (Aug 5, 2006)

A well-known Guelph activist faces three more charges of mischief after police found two people spray-painting the words “eco-terrorist” in and around the downtown Thursday, Guelph Police said.

Sound familiar? It will very soon.

Two days earlier, Matthew Soltys, 23, was charged with mischief under $5,000 after police found a man spray-painting with a similar stencil.

Soltys, a former member of the Mercury’s community editorial board, said only, “I look forward to being found not guilty on all counts,” in an e-mail to the Mercury.

He was a member of the Mercury staff? I’m sure that makes a few people hang their heads in shame. And he looks forward to being found not guilty? How does he hope to have that fantasy come true, because, wait for it…

Guelph Police say police saw two people spray-painting the railing of the Wyndham Street bridge with red paint just before 9 p.m. Thursday. Under the rail was an image of a front-end loader and the words “eco terrorist.”

Police then watched them spray-paint similar graffiti on a door at 83 Neeve St., a former textile mill that now houses condominiums.

Police arrested them shortly after they spray-painted similar graffiti on the Heffernan Street footbridge. They had cans of spray paint at the time of their arrest, police said.


Soltys was charged with three counts of mischief, and an additional charge of failing to comply with conditions related to his Aug. 1 arrest.

Bryn Hobbs, a 24-year-old woman, was also charged with three counts of mischief.

All I have to say is, dude, know when you’ve been beaten. And…you’re an idiot.

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