Look Both Ways, Officer

Last Updated on: 14th June 2021, 10:14 am

Police locate missing 6-year-old boy after nearly being struck by train
God this stuff annoys me. I don’t know if they still teach kids to read the news as a way of improving their own writing like they did when I was in school, but it might be time to fucking stop if yes.

That headline reads like the police nearly got themselves killed, then went out and happened to find a missing child after determining that they were still alive and well. Or perhaps they were out searching for him already, almost got pasted, then found him nearby trying to warn them to stay off the tracks because kids are often smarter than us.

Neither of those things are what happened.

It actually goes that a child went missing and police were called to help with the search. Around that time, a report came in that a child was nearly hit by a train in the area. It turned out to be the same one that had gotten lost, and everyone was quickly reunited.

But you wouldn’t know that based on this sloppy headline spat out by CTV, a division of Bell Media, A.K.A. Canada’s largest and cheapest media empire.

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